Desire to worship me or maybe you need some humiliation? Come bow down to me in a livecam domination session.

Craving to submit? Give Goddess a ring so I can make you a submissive mess with my angelic yet demanding voice.

Needing Goddess throughout the day but can't call or cam? Send Goddess a text and begin to feed your Alee addiction.

Wondering if you measure up? Craving to worship me? Send real-time pics for judgement or recieve real-time vids to worship.
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Wondering what Goddess's scent is like? You can enhale it from items I personally wear. Click below to find out more.

Spoil Goddess

I deserve everything and anything. Your ultimate goal should be to make my lifestyle far better than it already is (aka Surrender, Spoil and Worship). I shouldn't want for anything, isn't that right piggy provider? You should crave for me and want me to have the best. Gifts and tributes should be what you selflessly and willingly give to Goddess because you want me to be happy. And guest what?..... gifts and your money is what makes me happy😊.

I've even made it hella easy for you to give me everything I desire. All you have to do is click and buy or buy and send. Now get to work and spoil your Goddess like the perfect piggy provider that you are.

E-giftcards and online tributes can be sent to:

Physical; gifts, giftcards and your yummy cash can be sent to:
Alee Alexa
1732 1st Ave #20571
New York, NY 10128


Other Ways To Tribute:

Google Wallet (discretely via the email above)
Venmo (discretely via the email above)
Greendot card- Send me $ with a Greendot Card
Greendot MoneyPak- Send me $ with a reload pack

***MoneyPak instructions***

1) Purchase a Greendot MoneyPak with cash from Walmart, Cvs, Walgreens or Riteaid.
2) Scratch off the back of the card.
3) Take a photo of the front and back and then email Goddess the pictures.
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Amazon Wishlist's:

Piggy Wishlist
Loser Wishlist

EGift cards:

Whole Foods, Walmart, Target
Ikea, Pottery Barn, Bed Bath and Beyond
SephoraMacy's, Victoria's Secret
Forever21, H&M, FashionNova 
Nike, Lululemon
Hollister, Abercrombie
Gap, Oldnavy, Aeropostale
Uggs, Footlocker

My Favorite Items:

Shea Moisture Bodywash
Shea Moisture Body Oil
Nubian Heritage Bar Soap
Nubian Heritage Bodywash
Pacifica Hawaiian Guava Natural Bar Soap
Hawaiian Guava Bar Soap
Pacifica Hawaiian Guava Body Wash
Acnefree Severe Cleanser
Acnefree Severe Toner
Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Wash Set

Most Wanted Gifts

Gopro Hero 5

Sony 4k Action Cam

Yi 4k Action Cam

Logitech Brio 4k Webcam

Logitech MeetUp 4k Camera

Custom Built PC

Blackmagic Micro
Cinema Camera

Canon Eos 5D Mark III

Sigma 18-35mm Lens

Marshall Webcam CV350

Canon G7x Mark II

Canon Eos 70D

MS Surface Pro 4

Igloo Ice Maker

Nike Leggings (13 pair)

$39 per pair
$520 for all 13
Squat Rack

Bosu Ball

Jump Training and
Conditioning Boxes

Plyometric Jump Boxes

Dip Bar

Pull up Assist Bands

Pull up Assist Bands

Suspension Trainer

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Mizuno Kneepads


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