Desire to worship me or maybe you need some humiliation? Come bow down to me in a livecam domination session.

Craving to submit? Give Goddess a ring so I can make you a submissive mess with my angelic yet demanding voice.

Needing Goddess throughout the day but can't call or cam? Send Goddess a text and begin to feed your Alee addiction.

Wondering if you measure up? Craving to worship me? Send real-time pics for judgement or recieve real-time vids to worship.
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About Goddess

Name: Goddess Alee/Ms.Alee/Alee Alona Alexa | D.O.B: 8/20 | Zodiac: Leo
Height: 5'0 | lbs: 135-140 | Measurement: 34b-27-40 | Ethnicity: Black
Status: unobtainable | Orientation: Straight | Location: Tri-state/Florida

I am not a woman who was born a Goddess, I am a woman that developed into one. I humbly grew up in a small town and soon after a small city, both in the tri-state. Once I was of age I escaped the cold weather to enjoy sunny Florida. Although I hate the cold I still frequent and call the tri-state area my home when I'm not living it up in beautiful Florida.

Growing up I was far from the sensual, teasing, seducing Goddess that I am now. I was actually quite awkward, reserved and introverted but at the same time I had a very strong sexuality. I remember feeling trapped, confused, and angry alot of the time because I didn't understand myself. I found my outlet and form of expression through the camera which lead me to being a exhibitionist and narcissist. I absolutely loved being in front of the camera and knowing that all the focus was on me.

By the time I became 19 I was ready to explore my sexuality so naturally I gravitated towards the adult industry. After a few long years of exploring and experimenting with different facet's of the industry I came full circle with my sexuality and myself. I learned what I liked, what I stood for and most importantly who I was. Through that journey I was able to acquire and develop skills that lead me to become the forceful Goddess and alluring lifestyle/professional tease that I am today.

I am that Goddess you crave to worship. I am that Tease you desperately want but will never have. I am that Seductress that will seduce you. Most importantly I am Goddess Alee and I'm going to use your centuries old weakness against you to drain you of everything you have. Your fetish and desires are just mere tools to me in which I will wield to expel what I want and deserve. Your wallet, your manhood and your dignity will be mine. You will be lucky if I leave you with anything at all.

Now just because your cash is the only thing that I want and care about don't for 1 second think that I will be subservient for it. You will be lucky to get anything in return when I take your cash that rightfully belongs to me. It tickles and charms my Leo ego to shut your little ass ego down. As a Leo I do not take disrespect kindly. If you choose to disrespect me I will highly enjoy dismissing, blocking, or banning you. Remember that there are tons of guys who want to worship me. When you get dismissed another one comes up right behind you to take your place. I am The Goddess and your job is to Surrender, Spoil and Worship me.

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